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DocSend makes salespeople more effective by enabling them to track, control, send, and present sales materials with real-time document analytics.

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Why DocSend

Know who views your documents

DocSend allows you to know who views your documents, and who they forward them to. Know what happens after you hit send with DocSend's proprietary document analytics.

See how long each page is viewed

DocSend's analytics technology allows you to understand how your documents are being viewed, right down to the time spent on each page. Know what content is working and what's not.

Maintain control even after you send

Send documents on your terms. Create multiple links per document and control them individually. Limit or turn off access at any time. Rest easy knowing your content is secure.


Instant Notifications

Know immediately when viewers open your docs.

Update whenever

Make changes to your doc even after you send it.

Gmail Integration

Send new links to your docs seamlessly within Gmail.

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Present Live

Give a live walkthrough of your doc over the phone or in person.

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Forget attachments

Don't worry about your content not getting through because of file size limitations or spam filters.

Frictionless Feedback
Work with your team

Keep your team in sync with the latest version of your content.

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Salesforce Integration
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Who uses DocSend

Sales Teams
Product Info & Proposals

Gauge client interest and know when to follow up.

Pitch Decks

See what investors find engaging and limit access.

Business Development
Partnership & Sponsorship Info

Understand what to focus on and who to follow up with.

Collateral & White Papers

Capture leads and see what marketing material is effective.


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